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Summer Youth Schedule

Middle School Bible Study (for upcoming 6-8th graders)

  • Leaders:  Chris and Jamie Marsh / Derek and Natalie O'Donnell

  • Starts Sunday, June 30th from 12-2:00 pm @ the Marsh's (lunch will be provided).  After that, we will meet every other Sunday until school starts: July 14, July 28th, and August 11th.


Below are some additional activities that our youth group REALLY hopes to do this summer, but we are still in need of volunteers to help make them happen:

High School Bible Study(for upcoming 9-12th graders and recent graduates)

  • Volunteers Needed: Host home(s) - preferably starting Sunday, July 7th and meeting every other week - simply provide a place for the kids to meet.

Wednesday Game Nights (for all youth grades 6-12 and recent graduates) - 7-8:30 PM (NRCCS Soccer field or Gym)

  • Volunteers Needed:  2-3 adults to supervise and help organize games (i.e. soccer, ultimate frisbee, etc.)

Camping/Hiking (for all youth grades 6-12) - June 28-29 - Seedhouse Campsites - Camp Friday night, Hike on Saturday

  • Volunteers Needed:  2-3 adults


If you are interested in volunteering with any of these activities, or if there are any activities in addition to the ones listed above that you would like to help coordinate for our youth group, please contact us.


Once we have the volunteers and the dates settled for these activities, we will post them on the NRCC Youth Calendar, and we will note them in the NRCC Weekly Update as well.  So please check both of those things regularly for updates.  Thank you!!


Reaching the next generation for Christ and helping them grow in their faith is a vital part of who we are as a church.  We have a lot of dedicated parents and young adults who are invested in  the lives of our kids and teenagers, helping them know Jesus and learn what it means to follow him in the everyday stuff of life.  Our youth group for grades 6-12 meets each week, and we regularly schedule activities involving children and families.  Be sure to sign up to receive our weekly updates so you can stay in the loop and join us!



As North Routt continues to attract families with young children, we are looking to bring families together and create opportunities for kids to connect with each other and learn about Jesus.  Subscribe to receive our weekly email updates to stay in the loop!


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